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About Us

Salam, Hi, Marhaba, Welcommen, Ciao, etc...

Our Website is in its first phase so please feel free to email in your feedback at 

As for 'About Us' we think it is important for you to understand that this is a company born of other things.

Firstly I had no love or passion for coffee except an instant coffee if I needed a little boost at work, so me and my friend Qas would go to the supermarket and pick up different instant coffees and flavours. (Don't be ashamed if this is you now)

Shortly after that Qas told me about a charity bike ride from London to Paris and somehow he roped me into it through my love of charity work.

I got kinda addicted to the cycling events and soon became a board member in the cycle club.

As my love of cycling now had gone up considerably and the amount of fatigue increased, I looked at how coffee could help me keep up my performance levels.

With that, my mate Dobbs came into my life (the guy trying to bite my hand in the picture) and as we realised that eccentricity knows no racial boundaries, a beautiful friendship was born. 

After coffee research I realised that good coffee and the amazing coffee benefits were hidden from me all my life and that by accessing freshly ground coffee would enable me to have much more benefit than keeping my eyes open. 

So we started discussing coffees, sources, brewing methods etc

It has become a running joke now with family buying me coffee junk presents and I have even had the opportunity to travel to coffee farms around the other side of the World.

A few bike rides and a lot of failed coffee experiments later and Jay Man Can entered the scene. (He is the Asian George Clooney lookalike) We all hit it off and started a long distance relationship as Jay lives in THE NORTH and we lived in LDN (I am now a Leicesterfarian).

So now, as my ultimate passion for coffee and getting that black gold to my friends is expanding in an ethical way, the aim is to honour the roots of this company in reverse!

Starting with the Charity - so this is why each bag purchased has a £1 donation to charitable causes and projects

After that there will be an extension to sponsored cycle events and possibly some branded kit

and ultimately we want to open up job opportunities for our friends and family so that we can share the love from our streets and kettles all the way to the farms the beans come from and the people of those countries that suffer in poverty and difficulty.

Call the above a vision/mission/whatever statement, I just wanted you to know where we are at and where this thing is headed God Willing.

THANK YOU to all who support this and lets see what good things are to come :)


Stay safe

Don (The guy with the MASSIVE beard)