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Hella Spic3 (Kerala, India)

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What we named the 'Hella Spice' bean is born in India's renowned spice region of Kerala. This is a coffee that is World famous for its unique style of treatment...

The deep flavours of Hella Spice are formed in the explosive monsoon storms that bring exceptional warmth and humidity to the south of India.

This bean has been cultivated to replicate the original treatment the beans faced on their original long voyages back to Britain in wooden sailing vessels.

These epic journeys accidentally cultured a wonderfully rich, deep spiciness to the coffee, which modern Indian growers are happy to replicate for us now, allowing us to share in the flavours of those great adventures of the past.

An Indian coffee that honours its roots with a flavour profile consisting of; caramel, spices, deep wood and leather contained in a strong aromatic drink that cuts through milk.

If you were ever after a 'Desi' coffee, this one is a must try.