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Midnight Medan (Sumatra, Indonesia)

Mr Mipster Coffee Roasters

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On the island of Sumatra in North West Indonesia is a bustling and vibrant region called after the city of Medan. Walking the streets of Indonesia at night with their amazing markets, smells and tastes inspired us to make this one of our debut coffees.

These precious beans are grown in a region named after Lake Toba, which is the largest volcanic lake in the world, positioned in one of the most volatile sections of the globally notorious 'ring of fire'.

Many reports of volcanic explosions in this region add huge amounts of micronutrients into the dense and diverse jungles around, all adding to the beauty and complexity of the regions culture, life and ultimately - coffee.

Here by Lake Toba, the coffee beans are separated from their fruit by a method known locally as Giling Basoh, unique to Sumatra. This method grants the beans an unparalleled body and complexity of earthy aromatics, for which all Indonesian coffees are famous for.

This coffee is not only smoky and woody but exotically spicy, so you can almost taste the volcanic ash these coffee beans were grown on.

With a low level of acidity the waves of intense body and powerful aromas take on a full and identifiable effect that will blow you away with each sip.